Threat Trend Report on Ransomware – March 2023

This report provides statistics on new ransomware samples, attacked systems, and targeted businesses in March 2023, as well as notable ransomware issues in Korea and overseas. Other major issues and statistics for ransomware that are not mentioned in the report can be found by searching for the following keywords or via the statistics menu at AhnLab Threat Intelligence Platform (ATIP).

  • Ransomware
  • Statistics by Type

The number of ransomware samples and targeted systems are based on the aliases designated by AhnLab, and the statistics on targeted businesses are based on the time the information on the ransomware group’s dedicated leak sites (DLS, identical to ransomware PR sites or PR pages) was collected by the ATIP infrastructure

Key Trends
1) IceFire Ransomware Infects Linux
2) Magniber Ransomware Bypasses SmartScreen for Distribution
3) Significantly More Businesses Targeted by CLOP Ransomware
4) Other

ATIP_2023_Mar_Threat Trend Report on Ransomware Statistics and Major Issues_20230406

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