March 2023 Threat Trend Report on Kimsuky Group

The Kimsuky group’s activities in March 2023 showed a decline in comparison to their activities in February.
Unlike the past where most major issues were found in the FlowerPower type, this month was focused on the RandomQuery type, which showed the highest amount of activity.
The FlowerPower type began to use “Korean domains”, and it has been confirmed that the RandomQuery type has been using various initial distribution methods and using new ways to distribute xRAT.
Finally, it has been confirmed that the RandomQuery type’s system has been changing, just like the FlowerPower type.

Attack Statistics

(1) Using a Korean Domain (Punycode)
(1) Distribution via LNK Files
(2) Distribution via OneNote Files
(3) Distribution of xRAT via Google Drive
(4) Distribution of xRAT via RandomQuery variant
(5) Changes to the RandomQuery System

ATIP_2023_Mar_Threat Trend Report on Kimsuky_20230407

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[…] alongside FlowerPower and AppleSeed, are among the most frequently distributed tools in Kimsuky’s arsenal, with the former functioning as an information stealer and a conduit for distributing remote access […]