Conflicker.B Infection Alert

“Conflicker.B Infection Alert” 라는 제목으로 스팸 메일이 유포 중입니다. 첨부된 파일은 허위백신 인스톨 파일이며 V3에서는 Win-Trojan/Fakeav.Gen 진단명으로 진단을 하고 있습니다. 해당 메일을 수신하셨다면 삭제하시기 바랍니다.

아래는 해당 메일의 본문입니다.

Dear Microsoft Customer,
Starting 18/10/2009 the ‘Conficker’ worm began infecting Microsoft customers unusually rapidly. Microsoft has been advised by your Internet provider that your network is infected.
To counteract further spread we advise removing the infection using an antispyware program. We are supplying all effected Windows Users with a free system scan in order to clean any files infected by the virus.
Please install attached file to start the scan. The process takes under a minute and will prevent your files from being compromised. We appreciate your prompt cooperation.
Microsoft Windows Agent #2 (Hollis)
Microsoft Windows Computer Safety Division

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