Analysis of Andariel’s New Attack Activities

Contents1. Past attack cases…. 1.1. Cases of Innorix Agent abuse…….. 1.1.1. NukeSped variant – Volgmer…….. 1.1.2. Andardoor…….. 1.1.3. 1th Troy Reverse Shell…. 1.2. Cases of attacks against Korean corporations…….. 1.2.1. TigerRat…….. 1.2.2. Black RAT…….. 1.2.3. NukeSped variants2. Cases of recent attacks…. 2.1. Cases of Innorix Agent abuse…….. 2.1.1. Goat RAT…. 2.2. Cases of attacks against Korean corporations…….. 2.2.1. AndarLoader…….. 2.2.2. DurianBeacon3. Connections to recent attack cases4. Connections to past attack cases of the Andariel group5. Conclusion The Andariel threat group…

Lazarus Threat Group Attacking Windows Servers to Use as Malware Distribution Points

AhnLab Security Emergency response Center (ASEC) has discovered that Lazarus, a threat group deemed to be nationally funded, is attacking Windows Internet Information Service (IIS) web servers and using them as distribution points for their malware. The group is known to use the watering hole technique for initial access. [1] The group first hacks Korean websites and modifies the content provided from the site. When a system using a vulnerable version of INISAFE CrossWeb EX V6 visits this website via a…

Threat Trend Report on APT Groups – May 2023

The cases of major APT groups for May 2023 gathered from materials made public by security companies and institutions are as follows. – Agrius – Andariel – APT28 – APT29 – APT-C-36 (Blind Eagle) – Camaro Dragon – CloudWizard – Earth Longzhi (APT41) – GoldenJackal – Kimsuky – Lazarus – Lancefly – OilAlpha – Red Eyes (APT37, ScarCruft) – SideCopy – SideWinder – Transparent Tribe (APT36) – Volt Typhoon (Bronze Silhouette) ATIP_2023_May_Threat Trend Report on APT Groups