I Don’t Want to Receive Any Unnecessary Information!

According to Section 50 of the ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION, anyone who wishes to send promotional information for commercial purposes via electronic transmission media must receive explicit consent of the receiver in advance. Spam refers to promotional information sent or posted for commercial purposes through communications networks although it is unwanted by the user. This post will present the analysis of a program that sends messages automatically on a particular web portal….

Info-leaking Malware Distributed Through Google Keyword Search

The ASEC analysis team has previously dealt with BeamWinHTTP malware being distributed through adware and PUP programs. When users install cracks and keygens by downloading the installers from the phishing page, various PUP programs and BeamWinHTTP malware are installed together. BeamWinHTTP additionally installs info-leaking malware (info-stealers). When users search with keywords like ‘program names,’ ‘cracks,’ and ‘keygens’ in a search engine like Google, they may come across websites with fake shortened URLs. In the example below, the short URL is…

Malware Being Sneakily Installed in My PC-BeamWinHTTP Malware

The weekly malware statistics which ASEC analysis team uploads every week show that the number of occurrences for a downloader type malware named BeamWinHTTP has been on the rise for the last few weeks. According to the last ASEC weekly malware statistics, BeamWinHTTP malware is one of the top 3 most distributed malware. Since it downloads various types of malware when run, users must take extra caution. BeamWinHTTP malware is executed by a PUP installer, and users who attempt to…