Warning Against Distribution of Malware Impersonating a Public Organization (LNK)

AhnLab Security Emergency response Center (ASEC) observed the distribution of malicious shortcut (*.lnk) files impersonating a public organization. The threat actor seems to be distributing a malicious script (HTML) file disguised as a security email by attaching it to emails. These usually target individuals in the field of Korean reunification and national security. Notably, these were disguised with topics of honorarium payment to make them seem like legitimate documents. The malware’s operation method and C2 format are similar to those…

2023 Sep – Threat Trend Report on APT Groups

In this report, we cover nation-led threat groups presumed to conduct cyber espionage or sabotage under the support of the governments of certain countries, referred to as “Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups” for the sake of convenience. Therefore, this report does not contain information on cybercriminal groups aiming to gain financial profits. We organized analyses related to APT groups disclosed by security companies and institutions including AhnLab during the previous month; however, the content of some APT groups may not…

2023 Aug – Threat Trend Report on Kimsuky Group

The Kimsuky group’s activities in August 2023 showed a notable surge in the BabyShark type, while the activities of other types were relatively low. Also, phishing samples were found in the infrastructure known for distributing previous malware (FlowerPower, RandomQuery, and AppleSeed), and BabyShark samples were discovered in the RandomQuery infrastructure. This suggests the likelihood of multiple types of malware utilizing a single infrastructure. Aug_Threat Trend Report on Kimsuky Group