Unique characteristics of Kimsuky group’s spear phishing emails

A unique difference with the past cases was discovered during the analysis of the Kimsuky group’s spear phishing URLs. Until now, the group used Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN) disguised as famous Korean web portals. An analysis of the URLs collected during the past two months revealed multiple new FQDNs including keywords related to certain Korean banks, instead of the past FQDNs disguised as web portals.   Unique characteristics of Kimsuky group’s spear phishing emails

Phishing Email Disguised as Korean Web Portal Page (Daum)

On July 21st, the ASEC analysis team discovered the distribution of phishing email disguised as Daum, one of Korea’s portal websites. The email was made to resemble an estimate request by including RFQ on the title. It uses its attachment to lead the user to a phishing webpage. The attachment is an HTML file, and opening the file automatically redirects the user to the following URL. hxxps://euoi8708twufevry4yuwfywe8y487r.herokuapp[.]com/sreverse.php After redirection, the phishing webpage (see Figure 3 on the left) disguised as…