Reptile Malware Targeting Linux Systems

Reptile is an open-source kernel module rootkit that targets Linux systems and is publicly available on GitHub. [1] Rootkits are malware that possess the capability to conceal themselves or other malware. They primarily target files, processes, and network communications for their concealment. Reptile’s concealment capabilities include not only its own kernel module but also files, directories, file contents, processes, and network traffic. Unlike other rootkit malware that typically only provide concealment capabilities, Reptile goes a step further by offering a reverse…

Threat Trend Report on APT Groups – May 2023

The cases of major APT groups for May 2023 gathered from materials made public by security companies and institutions are as follows. – Agrius – Andariel – APT28 – APT29 – APT-C-36 (Blind Eagle) – Camaro Dragon – CloudWizard – Earth Longzhi (APT41) – GoldenJackal – Kimsuky – Lazarus – Lancefly – OilAlpha – Red Eyes (APT37, ScarCruft) – SideCopy – SideWinder – Transparent Tribe (APT36) – Volt Typhoon (Bronze Silhouette) ATIP_2023_May_Threat Trend Report on APT Groups