Malicious LNK File Being Distributed, Impersonating the National Tax Service

AhnLab Security Emergency response Center (ASEC) has discovered circumstances of a malicious LNK file impersonating the National Tax Service being distributed. Distribution using LNK files is a method that has been used in the past, and recently, there have been multiple cases of distribution to Korean users. The recently identified LNK file is presumed to be distributed via a URL included in emails. The URL identified through AhnLab Smart Defense (ASD) is as follows, and from it, a compressed file…

HiddenGh0st Malware Attacking MS-SQL Servers

Gh0st RAT is a remote control malware developed by the C. Rufus Security Team from China. Due to its source code being publicly available, malware developers use it as a reference as they continue developing numerous variants that are still actively used in attacks. Although the source code is public, Gh0st RAT is mainly used by threat actors based in China. Cases of Gh0stCringe RAT, a variant of Gh0st RAT, being distributed targeting database servers (MS-SQL, MySQL servers) were disclosed…

Downloader Disguised With Contents on Violation of Intellectual Property Rights (Detected by MDS)

On August 28, AhnLab Security Emergency response Center (ASEC) discovered circumstances of a downloader in distribution disguised with contents regarding the violation of intellectual property rights, targeting unspecified masses in Korea. The distributed malware included a code that detects virtual environments to evade sandbox-based security solutions and was a .NET-type that downloads the MainBot malware. Judging from the file information collected by AhnLab Smart Defense (ASD) and VirusTotal, it seems that Korea and Taiwan were the target destinations for distribution….

Threat Trend Report on Ransomware – July 2023

This report provides statistics on the number of new ransomware samples, targeted systems, and targeted businesses in July 2023, as well as notable ransomware issues in Korea and other countries. Key Trends 1) More businesses affected by CLOP ransomware’s exploitation of MOVEit zero-day vulnerability 2) Big Head ransomware disguised as an emergency Windows update 3) Detection names for ransomware disguised as Sophos file ATIP_2023_Jul_Threat Trend Report on Ransomware Statistics and Major Issues