2023 Aug – Deep Web and Dark Web Threat Trend Report

This trend report on the deep web and dark web of August 2023 is sectioned into Ransomware, Forums & Black Markets, and Threat Actors. We would like to state beforehand that some of the content has yet to be confirmed to be true. 1) Ransomware (1) ALPHV (BlackCat) (2) LockBit (3) NoEscape (4) MetaEncryptor (5) Rhysida 2) Forum & Black Market (1) The Return of Raccoon Stealer (2) Anonfiles Shut Down (3) Data Breach of Foreign Language Learning Website 3)…

2023 Aug – Threat Trend Report on Kimsuky Group

The Kimsuky group’s activities in August 2023 showed a notable surge in the BabyShark type, while the activities of other types were relatively low. Also, phishing samples were found in the infrastructure known for distributing previous malware (FlowerPower, RandomQuery, and AppleSeed), and BabyShark samples were discovered in the RandomQuery infrastructure. This suggests the likelihood of multiple types of malware utilizing a single infrastructure. Aug_Threat Trend Report on Kimsuky Group

Threat Trend Report on Ransomware – July 2023

This report provides statistics on the number of new ransomware samples, targeted systems, and targeted businesses in July 2023, as well as notable ransomware issues in Korea and other countries. Key Trends 1) More businesses affected by CLOP ransomware’s exploitation of MOVEit zero-day vulnerability 2) Big Head ransomware disguised as an emergency Windows update 3) Detection names for ransomware disguised as Sophos file ATIP_2023_Jul_Threat Trend Report on Ransomware Statistics and Major Issues